January 2005

AST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit limb loss support group.

Outcomes of our recent AST Board of Director's Meeting, held December 7:

1. A motion was also made to purchase business cards for Peer Visitors only. Ann Dennison made a motion for approval, Georgie Foltz seconded the motion.

2. It was agreed that those wanting to take the Peer Visitor Training Class, will do so at their own expense. Of the ten trained AST ACA Certified Peer Visitor, all paid their own fee, and to do otherwise would be setting a precedent.

3. We will be dividing up our Pamphlet Location territories for easier distribution, stocking, and accessibility to contact persons at Pamphlet Locations.

4. AST, through the Peer Visitor Process, will refer amputees, along with their families and caregivers, to the ACA National Peer Network, recommending they request a one year free subscription to ACA's InMotion Magazine, which is offered by the ACA. This means a saving of AST funds, as we were considering doing this if ACA was not.

Fund Raiser: The AST had a fund raiser on Sunday, December 12, 2004, at the Wal*Mart in Carlisle. The hours were from 10:00-2:00 P.M. We sold sausage, hot dogs and soda. Other than being cold and windy, it was a good sales day. After expenses, we earned $202.20 in four hours. We are presently waiting on a charitable donation from Wal*Mart in support of AST. The amount is not yet known.

There was great team work among those who participated. Thanks to: John Williamson, Sandi Guida, Chad Kettler, David Brown, Peter Calcagno, Ann Dennison, Rod Shields, Barb Nickle, and Richard Nickle, for their help in this successful event.

This was our first attempt at fundraising and at our next Board Meeting, the board will look at having another food stand. It was discussed that we would do this again, but to quote a few people who were there, "…lets do this again when it is warmer."

Next Meeting, 6:30 PM, Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg (The main building at 175 Lancaster Blvd.). Directions can be found on the back of the AST Pamphlet. The Program will feature:

1. Mobile Independent Transportation System, presented by Scott Heatwole.
2. Young's Medical Equipment (Air Products Health Care),
products and services presentation by Charlene Cleary
3. Equipment for Disabled Drivers, presented by John Williamson, HANGER.

PALS (Promoting Amputee Life Skills): Sue Tipton, an ACA staff person, is conducting research for PALS. She will be contacting AST members, probably individually, about help in a nationally organized research project. We are asked that as we receive information, we accommodate her for the study. In some cases, there will be some reimbursement for time.

Nancy M. Carroll: The AST is saddened by the recent passing of Nancy Carroll, Editor of ACA's InMotion Magazine, and a good friend of our Amputee Support Team. Those of us who met Nancy at the ACA Conference & Exposition's know the tireless efforts she has made for not only amputees, but for the amputee's family, friends, and caregivers. Nancy will be missed.


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