AST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit limb loss support group.

A. Leslie Barstow, January 26, 1938 - September 15, 2004: All of us of the Amputee Support Team will miss Les and his smiling face. Les always sat up front during our AST Meetings, where you could not miss his smiling face beaming out at everyone, like a beacon of happiness. The AST has dedicated an ongoing Book of Inspirations, which will be present at all of our meetings for anyone to look at. This Book will continue to grow as anyone may contribute pictures, or articles about any limb loss person who has, or is achieving beyond expectations. As Les has been an inspiration, so may this book be an inspiration to those who look at it.

B. NEXT REGULAR AST MEETING: Wednesday, November 10, 6:30 PM, at HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg. This is a meeting that will be of interest to all persons who need to learn to walk again, or to improve their walking skills, due to limb loss, knee surgery, hip surgery, or some other impairment to walking, and a must for therapists, and those persons who rehabilitate people to walk again. This program is presented by Chad Kettler, of HealthSouth, who will demonstrate this state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment new to central Pennsylvania.


1. Board of Directors met 5 PM on Wednesday, September 29, 2004. Present were: Richard Nickle, Rodney Shields, Chad Kettler, Gary Reinhold, Ann Dennison, Elaine Shughart, Tom O'Neil, and Barb Nickle, Board Secretary. The following was discussed and approved:

Director Ann Dennison presented for approval, AST's Mission and Vision Statement, with Goals. AST thanks Ann for her work in their preparation. After some discussion, the following amended Mission and Vision Statement, with Goals was approved:


The Central Pennsylvania Amputee Support Team (AST) serves and encourages its members to enhance their physical and emotional health through educational and recreational programs, peer counseling, and public relations.

The Central Pennsylvania Amputee Support Team empowers members, caregivers, families and friends to optimize the care and well being of amputees in central Pennsylvania.

GOALS for 2004 - 2005

I. Provide bimonthly educational programs to members free of charge.
II. Provide social opportunities for members to learn from and interact with peers.
III. Partially fund the cost of registration to the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) National Convention for deserving members.
IV. Provide ACA certified Peer Visitor training for interested members.
V. Promote AST activities through the local media to inform the general public, health care providers and amputees.

NOTE: Next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 5 PM, Tuesday, December 7, at Isaac's
Restaurant,near HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg.

The Les Barstow Memorial Contributions to AST have exceeded $900.00. AST is thankful to Carol Barstow and her late husband for their thoughtfulness to our support group. These funds will be used in accordance with our Mission as a support group. We will miss Les and his positive attitude, but he will be remembered.

Additional funds for the AST have been received through a $1000.00 Grant from the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation for the fiscal year 09-01-04 to 09-01-05. We also thank the CAHWF for their confidence in, and validation of our support group. These monies will also be used in accordance with our Mission as a support group.

3. CAHWF GRANTEE RECEPTION: Richard Nickle, AST President, and Elaine Shughart, Vice President, were invited to attend the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation Grantee Reception at the Stern Center, Dickinson College. The AST, joined with twenty-five other human services group recipients at this reception thanking the CAHWF for awarding them grants of money to operate their programs.

4. NEW AST DIRECTORS: Two additional AST members have been nominated to be our tenth and eleventh members of the Board of Directors. We welcome on board Peter Calcagno, LAE, and Georgia Foltz, LBK. Georgia and Peter are both ACA Certified Peer Visitors, and were among the eleven AST members who attended this year's ACA Educational Convention in Nashville, TN. The following is our present Board of Directors:

Peter Calcagno Camp Hill
Anne Dennison Mechanicsburg
Georgia Foltz Duncannon
Chad Kettler Mt. Joy
Mark Leonard Palmyra
Quintin Losinger Carlisle
Richard Nickle Boiling Springs
Thomas W. O'Neil Boiling Springs
Gary Reinhold Elizabethtown
Rodney Shields Gardners
Elaine Shughart Carlisle

4. FUND RAISING: A discussion regarding fund raising was discussed - suggestions were for a food stand at Wal-Mart, and Friend's Helping Friends - selling percentage off coupon at Boscov's. These will be discussed at the November 10 AST Meeting to see what interest AST members have. Meanwhile, more information will be gathered as to how to do these activities. If you are interested in helping at one of these events, please contact us at AST.

5. SPENDING: Beyond our normal administrative spending, which includes postage and clerical costs, the Board discussed looking into possibly providing transportation for those AST members who have no way to get to our meetings. Also, monies may be used to cover, or assist, members who want to be trained as Peer Visitors, and who may want to attend next August's ACA Educational Convention in Dallas, Texas. The AST will also look at other needs as they arise.

D. PALS - Promoting Amputee Life Skills: The AST agreed to participate in a ACA (Amputee Coalition of America) Approved research study sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the University of Washington. There may be some reimbursement to participating AST members for their time.

E. AST PAMPHLET LOCATIONS: The AST is reviewing the sixty pamphlet locations in our area, locations we established over two years ago and supplied with ten to twenty AST Pamphlets to give to potential, or actual amputees, so they would be aware that there is a support group for them here in central Pennsylvania. Contact persons at each of these locations were identified to receive regular, and E-mail mailings of our AST Newsletters. Over the past couple of years, the pamphlets needed replenished, and new contact persons needed identified, due to job changes, promotions, moving, and a number of other reasons. This is a responsibility that our membership needs to share.

The AST needs to revisit our pamphlet locations, also establishing new pamphlet locations. Pamphlet locations are an important key, and in some areas, the only key for AST in getting amputee referrals. The more pamphlet locations, the more exposure AST has to the community and the area of central Pennsylvania it serves. Presently, we have Pamphlet locations in the following areas:

08............................Camp Hill

A recent meeting concerning servicing pamphlet locations was held between Richard Nickle, AST President, and John Williamson, who professionally visits many of these same locations for his work. John said he would be responsible for all of the locations on the east shore of the Susquehanna River, which includes Harrisburg and Hershey, adding he would not mind if other AST members would want to share this responsibility. In this meeting, which included Barbara Nickle, AST Board Secretary, the AST Board of Directors agreed to discuss, at the next Board meeting, December 7, how the pamphlet locations should be allocated.

With a supply of updated AST Pamphlets, reflect our new non-profit incorporated status, AST : members will deliver pamphlets to present and new locations. We have a new pamphlet location, the West Shore Health and Rehabilitation Center in Camp Hill. AST welcomes this latest healthcare agency to become one of our pamphlet locations, which is a part of BEVERLY Healthcare.

F. Peer Visitor Training Class: The AST will be scheduling a Peer Visitor Training Class sometime in March or April 2005. The class is open to any AST member, physical therapists, medical personnel and caseworkers. Amputees who successfully complete the class will be ACA Certified Peer Visitors. All others successfully completing the class will be awarded Certificates of Completion. Those interested in being on the list for this class please contact Richard Nickle at 717-258-6849 / The cost for non-AST members is $25.00. Make checks out to the Amputee Support Team.

G. Plans for May, 1905 Meeting: Our Amputee Support Team Meeting in May, 2005, is going to be different than any meeting we have had so far. The date and location of the meeting has yet to be determined, but it will be on a Saturday in May. We can thank Jim Galloway, who is a recent below the knee amputee, and new member of the AST, for bringing this meeting to our support team, and all those who attend.

Jim is a Civil War rein-actor, and a member of a Civil War reenactment group know as Hampton's Battery F, a cannon battery that served at Gettysburg. Hampton's Battery F was located during the Battle of Gettysburg, at a position which would be to the right of today's Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg. Battery F, along with the cannon batteries around it, which were instrumental in stopping Pickett's Charge.

The meeting will be both educational and entertaining, as a number of people from Hampton's Battery F will be in period dress, and will be telling us about "their experiences at Gettysburg." Of course, there will be the firing of a cannon. As we get more details worked out, more information will follow.

H. AST Members Reaching Out to Others: Georgie Foltz, LBK and her husband Robert Foltz are both members of AST. Georgie is on the Board of Directors, and is a ACA Certified Peer Visitor. Robert also successfully completed the PV training.
In her own words, Georgie speaks out about what she and Bob learned at the ACA Convention in Nashville, and how she and Bob are applying what they learned in helping others:

When Bob and I were at the ACA Convention in August, I spoke with a representative of Otto Bock at the Thursday evening cake and coffee get-together. I explained that I was a case manager for an insurance company and after becoming a LBK, realized that my fellow workers did not have much knowledge about prostheses, components used to make them and pricing. He asked me if I would mind stopping at their booth the next day to speak with everyone there.

[The next day] I was very warmly received and was showered with questions about how to reach
other case managers. I have since been contacted by a representative from their national headquarters and have been collecting names of people who hold seminars as well as the address and phone number for two national case managers conventions. I plan to mail these [names, address and phone numbers] with a cover letter, to vendors I spoke with that not only supply prosthetics but also aids for daily living that I feel are useful: not only for amputees but also to people who have lost use of limb temporarily due to accidents and injuries.

My first effort has resulted in Hanger graciously coming to my workplace to explain prosthetics to the case managers and the adjusters who handle claims from worker's compensation injuries. This [is happening] on November 3, 2004, and I hope to be able to have the list ready to give to [HANGER Representative] John Williamson, as Hanger is a national provider. While I was at Otto Bock, [my husband] Bob was speaking to the people at the Hanger booth and he learned as much abut C-legs as I did. This is my personal way of getting the word out to people who make decisions
about what to pay for and emphasize that different people have different needs-there is no one fits all for us. The AST appreciates the interest Georgie has in helping the prosthetic industry help others.

NEW AST MEMBERS: Welcome to Dustin Nicholl, LBK, age 19, and his mother Penny Nicholl, from Loysville, PA. Dustin lost his leg due to a motor vehicle accident on June 22. After attempts to save his left leg, Dustin's leg was amputated July 28. Dustin is expecting his first prosthesis on Friday, October 29.

Pamphlet Locations continued: The Amputee Support Team wants to thank the following health care facilities and organizations for allowing our support group to locate and display our AST Pamphlets in their facilities, and for being the recipients of our mailed AST Newsletters, which contain pertinent information about our programs, and activities for limb loss persons, and the people who serve and care for them. Their cooperation is a valuable support for our work as a limb loss support group:

Alexander Springs Rehabilitation
Appalachian Orthopedic Center
Arlington Orthopedic Surgery
BEVERLY West Shore Health & Rehabilitation
Capital Area Surgical Associates
Carlisle Medical Arts Building
Carlisle Regional Medical Center
Chapel Point at Carlisle
Church of God Home, Carlisle
Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation
Community General Osteopathic Hospital
Country Meadows
Cumberland County Human Services
Cumberland Crossing
Forest Park Health Center
HANGER Prosthetics & Orthotics
HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Centers
Holy Spirit Hospital
Joseph Campbell, Vascular Surgery
Kunkel Surgical Group
Manor Care Health Services
Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania
OSCP Orthopedic Surgical Center PA
Penn State Sports Medicine Center at Hershey
Penn State University Medical Center
Penn's Woods Physical Therapy
Pinker & Associates
Pinnacle Community General Osteopathic Hospital
Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital
Pinnacle Health Home Care
Pinnacle Polyclinic Hospital
Sadler at Hanover Street in Carlisle
Sarah Todd Memorial Home
SCCI Hospital at Polyclinic
Seidle Memorial Hospital
Susquehanna Surgeons
Thornwald Home
Vascular Associates PC
Young's Medical Equipment



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