October 2005

October 2005 AST Newsletter
AST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit limb loss support group.
"So others may benefit from us."

Next AST Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, November 2
"Phantom Pain" presented again by Kathy Heisler

Phantom Pain: AST re-visits Phantom Pain Wednesday, November 2, presented by Kathy Heisler, Cumberland Valley HS Psychology Teacher. It will include interactive involvement. This program is not only for amputees, but is valuable information for medical professionals who work with limb loss persons, and answers questions for care-givers.
AST Election results: Elected to the AST Board of Directors were:
DeEtt Fackler, Gary Reinhold and Tommy Wade

NOTE: Ann Dennison declined to run again, choosing to remain as our AST Parliamentarian.

Recent AST Board Action, Tuesday, October 18, 5:30 PM:

In attendance at our October 18 Board Meeting were Directors: Peter Calcagno; Ann Dennison, Parliamentarian; DeEtt Fackler; Georgia Foltz, CO-Vice President; Don Hossler, CO-Vice President; Richard Nickle, President; Thomas O'Neil; Gary Reinhold; John Williamson.

The main focus of the meeting was fund raising, but the business of the meeting considered other items such as goals and objectives for 2005 - 2006, update election rules in By-Laws, find more ways to bring awareness to the community what the AST has to offer to limb loss persons and their caregivers, open up more opportunities for people to get involved, and how do we continue to maintain the momentum of maintaining the initiatives of our organization.

Committees Formed: 1. Newsletter - Programming
2. Public Relationships - Marketing
3. Fund Raising

AST will once again participate in the WITF-TV Membership and Pledge Drive. In November the AST will commit to a date for sometime in December. If you missed participating in our last WITF Fund Drive in August, join us this next time. We agreed it was fun, we felt good about helping WITF-TV, and letting more people in central Pennsylvania know about our support group. Those who participate for the first time get a monogrammed AST shirt. If interested, contact Don Hossler at: Home: 717-944-2250, Work: 717-783-0296, or at

2006 Philly's Baseball Bus Trip - Don Hossler: Don is organizing an AST Baseball Trip in 2006 to see the Philly's Play. It would probably be a late game, with some other stops.

Eastern Amputee Golf Association's "First Swing" Program sponsored by HANGER: A one day golf clinic: An AM half day for medical professionals (therapists, rehabilitation, prosthetists, etc.) and a PM half day for limb loss persons, where as those trained in the AM, will assist those training in the PM. The Clinic will be held at Mayapple Golf Course on a Friday, the day before the EAGA/HANGER two-day golf tournament and will involve lessons, training, driving golf balls, friendly contests, prizes and food.


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