AST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit limb loss support group.


PALS (Promoting Amputee Life Skills) and AST are working together on a nation wide groundbreaking research study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Washington, along with the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), are leading this study. The results of this study will show how well PALS can work to improve the life of people with limb loss.

WHAT & WHEN: AST is honored to be selected as one of twenty-five support groups from across the United States, to be a part of this study. At our last regular AST Meeting on January 12, one of our members, Don Hossler, spoke to us about his being recruited and trained by PALS to conduct a series of PALS educational classes one evening a week, beginning at our next AST Meeting, Wednesday, March 9, and meeting each following Wednesday, skipping May 4, and ending with the final meeting, which will also be a regular AST Meeting, on Wednesday, May 11. Except for March 9, the groups will decide on the session's starting time.

THE PROGRAM: The program will consist of 10 to15 members from our AST, to learn skills that build on each others strengths. Each week, the specific topic contains information on a particular issue, relevant to members of our group. Participants will then work together in the two hour meeting as a group to learn and practice self-management skills related to the topic of that particular meeting. Except for the first meeting on Wednesday, March 9, the next meeting nights will be each Wednesday through April 24. After a week off (no meeting May 1 - 7), a Graduation Meeting (Booster Session) will be held Wednesday May 11.

NOTE: Only limb loss persons will be considered for the study. All others, such as spouses, partners, family members, caregivers, transporters, are invited to wait in the second floor waiting area of HealthSouth. Refreshments, reading material, games, and TV will be available.

The sessions will be led and instructed by AST member Don Hossler and the facilitator will be AST President, Richard Nickle, who will be concerned with the logistics of the meetings.

INTERESTED?: AST members should soon be receiving a letter from ACA inquiring of their interest in participating in this study. If you agree to participate in the study it is expected that you will attend and participate in all sessions, which are held at HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg, where we have most of our regular meetings.

INTERVIEWS: Group participants will be asked to complete confidential telephone follow-up interviews conducted by the PALS Study about their limb loss and its effect on the different areas of their lives as a part of the study. There will be an interview before the group session starts and then three follow up interviews at 10 weeks, 6 months, and 9 months after the last group session. After the interviews are completed, each participant will receive $100.00.

NEED INFO: For further information, contact Don Hossler or Dick Nickle.
Don: at home 717-944-2250 / at work 717-783-0296 / E-mail
Dick: 717-258-6849 / /


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