REVIEW: Last Meeting, Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 6:30 PM

We had our most recent meeting on March 12, 2003. Our attendance was very good - including some new faces & some familiar ones too.

Our speaker was Kathy Heisler, a psychology teacher from Cumberland Valley High School. Her talk was on Phantom Pain. She gave us some very good information and we had an open discussion as well. Some of our amputees talked about their experiences with phantom pain. Hopefully some of this information will help you understand and better cope with phantom pain.

Our other guest speaker was Dr. Michael Lupinacci of Health South. He too gave us good information. He talked about pain medication and side effects, stating that there are new drugs that are working, but that the move is to cope with phantom pain in other ways - electrical stimulation and computer chips. Neurontin was one newer drug that has been successful in treating pain with few side effects. Dr. Lupinacci stated that sometimes the drugs being taken were not totally effective and expressed concern for the side effects and felt that non-drug approaches were desirable.

We would like to recognize two new faces: Doris Schmick, a RAK amputee has joined us - welcome Doris. She is a great lady who lives in Carlisle, PA. Her amputation is very recent and she is coping well. You will enjoy her company and she will enjoy your support.

Rodney Shields also joins us. If fact, he attended our meeting and was facing his amputation on the next day, March 13. He will become a BKA. We wish him a good recovery and welcome him to our group. He will need his positive attitude in the future.

Although not new faces, these persons have taken on some more responsibilities. We have added the office of Vice-President, who is Elaine Shughart. The Veterans Representative, is John Light, a veteran of WW II. John wrote an autobiography about his experiences in the war titled: An Infantryman Remembers World War II. John also chairs the Capital Area World War II Round Table, which is held at the Hershey Public Library. We also have Leon Keene, who serves as our administrative Assistant. All of us are lower limb amputees.

Our next meeting will be at HealthSouth at 6:30 p.m. on May 7, 2003. We will have Mark Leonard, Quintin Losinger, Michael Olmstead, MD, Jere Weingert, and John Williamson demonstrate and talk about their new C-legs. This is a new high tech leg with computerized inner workings that will make artificial legs function more "naturally". This information may help you decide if this new technology would be for you.

Finally, we officially introduced our Amputee Support Team pamphlet, which has been located at over fifty locations where amputees are served.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Nickle


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