The Amputee Support Team is proud to have been a part of HANGER'S recent Regional Workshop held on Monday, April 19, at the Windham Convention Center in Harrisburg. The workshop, titled Prosthetic Advancements… A Team Approach, was conducted by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, Vice President of HANGER, known for his prosthetic expertise.

The featured dinner speaker was John Siciliano, RAK, movie and TV actor, record holder 200m dash. John has appeared on ER and the upcoming film "The Wager", in which he plays a pirate. You may also be interested to know that John was flown from California to Baton Rouge to train Mike McNaughton, amputee returning from Iraq, to run with a prosthesis. Mike was then featured jogging with President George Bush on national TV.

The AST is also proud that it's earlier newsletters resulted in such good response that Kevin and John presented to a full house. As a result, many therapists, physicians, nurses and case managers were able to earn continuing credits in the area of prosthetics, among them, at least five therapists from Carlisle Regional Med. Center in Carlisle, PA. Later, there were many positive remarks.

The next day, Kevin Carroll and John Siciliano set up shop at HANGER's Elizabethtown Office giving all-day free prosthetic evaluations. This event was open to any amputee who wanted an evaluation of their prosthetic device. Eigene Jackson, an AST member from Harrisburg was pleased with this opportunity, her evaluation, and the free lunch, which everyone appreciated.

Our last meeting was our AST Saturday Breakfast on March 6 at DROSO'S Silver Spring Diner. We had over twenty in attendance and everyone enjoyed this change, and would like to do it again. DROSO'S is very busy on a weekend, so we conducted business informally, and probably should have started at 8 AM. They normally do not accept groups on a weekend, but did us a favor, for which we are thankful.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 23, at 6 PM, which is earlier since HANGER will be catering* this meeting, so come hungry, the meal will be first, free, and buffet style. NOTE: This meeting will be at the HealthSouth Rehab on Front Street in Wormelysburg (On the West Shore of the Susquehanna River). To get there, come south from I-81 through Enola and West Fairview, or north from the "Bottleneck" or Harvey Taylor (Foster Street) Bridge. HealthSouth is on the West side of Front Street, if you turn East, you will drive into the Susquehanna River.

This meeting will feature Motorcycle Safety and Adaptation Program for Amputees, followed by our favorite Blue Grass Band, The Green Mountain Porch Pickers, featuring our own Rod Shields, RBK. Several of our members will be bringing, and show-casing their bikes, including a three wheeler, with a pull behind camper. If your bike has special features for disabilities, bring it.

Planning to attend this year's 2004 ACA Annual Educational Conference & Exposition in Nashville Tennessee? The dates are August 5 - 7. Early bird registrations and ACA members get discounted rates. Applications are available in ACA's In-Motion Magazine, they can be downloaded, and I have some. Make it a vacation trip, like Barb and I, and some others are doing. The AST will have a reception table set up at this event. Read about some of the fun things to do.

*So we have enough food June 23, please RSVP us how many at / 258-6849


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