May 2005 Newsletter
AST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit limb loss support group.

Also reported in this Newsletter is business from the recent AST Director's Meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2005, recorded and submitted by Barb Nickle, Board Secretary

TRANSPORTATION (Need a ride?):

Being able to get a way to our AST meetings and events has been an on-going problem, but recently, after much effort, we are slowly finding solutions and people wanting to help in providing transportation. Research and studies show that persons with limb loss, or anyone with a disability heal and recover both physically and mentally when they are able to travel and be with other people, especially people who suffer the same disabilities, and are able to share what they have learned in the way of healing and recovering.

Thanks to an article written by Matt Miller, of the Patriot-News, when reporting on our failed attempt to get help at the Cumberland County level, readers of his article came forward with offers to transport some of our members who had no other affordable ways to our meetings. We now have a list of citizens in our area transporting amputees, not only to meetings, but to our PALS Program, which meets once a week for nine weeks.

To help us with the logistics of getting together volunteer transporters and people needing rides, John Tassone of the Center for Independent Living has offered his expertise and funding to help make this possible. John explained his role to us at our recent Board of Director's Meeting and says that those needing rides need only do the following in Cumberland, York or Dauphin County:

1. Call John Tassone at 1-800-323-6060 requesting a ride on a certain date and time.
2. Complete a request for information, and a set of vouchers.
3. Call the provider of transportation, e.g. American Taxi, to make arrangements
4. In the case of those using volunteer drivers, of which we have a short list, only a phone call to the volunteer driver is needed.

Additionally, in Dauphin County, thanks to the efforts of our CO-Vice President Don Hossler, we received from Dauphin County Commissioner, Nick DiFrancesco, the following instructions to determine if you can get an appropriate ride:

1. AST members in Dauphin County should telephone Lester Albright (717-232-6104) and discuss their needs for transport to an AST meeting or event.
2. A determination will be made if the AST member is eligible for any transportation service under any human services department program.
3. Additionally, CAT's Share a Ride is available, as well as American Taxi.
4. AST members who have difficulty obtaining transportation to an AST meeting or event, after first discussing the need with Mr. Albright, should contact Don Hossler (If you are living in Dauphin County) at 717-944-2250 to provide information on the obstacles in getting a ride.
5. Again, in the case of those using volunteer drivers, of which we have a short list, only a phone call to the volunteer driver is needed.

Volunteer Drivers as of May 10, 2005:

Bob Earley, New Kingstown, 717-766-2965 Dean Fowler, Boiling Springs, 717-258-3425
Barbara Myers, Mechanicsburg, 717-697-6729 Don Olson, Camp Hill, 717-731-9313
Tim Smith, Highspire, 717-985-0149 Don R. Snyder, Mechanicsburg, 717-697-3593
Don Warner, Boiling Springs, 717-258-6130

OUR NEXT BIG EVENT (May 14 & 15):

"Living history, music, fun & food at Camp Curtin Civil War Days" pretty much describes what will be happening at The National Civil War Museum at Reservoir Park, in Harrisburg, PA. Taking place Saturday and Sunday, May 14 & 15, the Amputee Support Team and its membership is a part of what is going on there, along with hundreds of Civil War re-enactors.

The Amputee Support Team will be center stage in the Rotunda of the Museum, with AST members scheduled to man two eight foot display tables, showing the history of prosthetics during the Civil War and after, including the role of nurses, doctors and surgeons at a time when amputations were the norm of saving a persons life. This is an exhibit not to miss, including the additional references and exhibits throughout the Museum. Then there is all of the Civil War re-enactor activity all around the outside of the Museum, including camp life, music, food, weapons demonstration, cannon firing, marching, and drilling. Don't miss this event.

NOTE: We have persons scheduled to be at the display tables, but there is still the opportunity to help cover, giving a break to those already scheduled. If interested, contact Dick Nickle at 717-258-6849. See also



10:00 - 12 Noon

12 Noon - 1:30 PM

1:30 PM - 3 PM

3 PM - 5 PM

Saturday, May 14 Bob & Georgie Foltz, Rod Shields, Dick & Barb Nickle, Russ Young Bob & Georgie Foltz, Rod Shields, Dick & Barb Nickle, Russ Young
John Williamson,
Peter and Dorothy Calcagno, Russ Young John Williamson, Don Hossler, Russ Young

May 15

Opens at
12 Noon Rod Shields, Dick & Barb Nickle, Russ Young

Rod Shields, Dick & Barb Nickle, Elaine & Richard, Russ Young
John Williamson, Elaine & Richard, Russ Young

AST Pamphlets and Locations:

The AST recently received a new supply of its colorful and informative pamphlet, containing updated information, including our WEB Site address:
Of the few remaining old pamphlets, including at locations, will not be discarded, but updated with a simple sticker containing updated information. AST members who are responsible for their assigned pamphlet locations, will bring those locations up to date. If you are unable to do so, contact John Williamson, who may be able to visit your location.

AST Partners with the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library, Mechanicsburg, PA

Dick Nickle recently met with Sue Erdman, Director of the JSTSPL in Mechanicsburg, to present an array of reading and viewing materials to become a part of the Library's shelf list. The books, videos, periodicals, posters, pamphlets, booklets and other materials will be referenced and catalogued under the subject of limb loss, amputee, and related information.

The AST appreciates Sue giving us this opportunity to make amputee material and information available to the public through the JSTSPL and the Cumberland County Library System.

PALS Graduation:

This week we celebrate the Graduation with High Honors of Fifteen of our fellow AST members on Wednesday, May 11, 2005 from the Promoting Amputee Life Skills Program (PALS). These dedicated AST members energeticly participated in nine classes over a ten week period that covered those life skills we all need to manage our everyday lives. AST is proud to be one of only twenty-five support groups selected from across America to be part of this new groundbreaking research study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the University of Washington, and the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA).

This is the first national limb loss study ever conducted to assist persons in being better self-managers of their lives. Other successful self-management programs have been developed for persons with arthritis and diabetes and AST is hopeful that 2006 will bring a nationwide program on limb loss for all of America. If the program goes national, AST is excited about potentially establishing a regular PALS program here in central Pennsylvania that will complement our successful peer visitor activities. To learn more about PALS check the AST at and ACA at Hope to see everyone at our next AST Meeting, Wednesday, July 13.
Submitted by: PALS Instructor: Don Hossler, AST Co-Vice President.


John Williamson, AST Director & WEB Master: John, who represents HANGER, has done a super job of getting our WEB Page up and running, giving our support group a whole new dimension of discovery and exposure, evident by the over nine-thousand hits our page received the first few days. John will continue to update our WEB Page and keep us apprised of how the Site is doing. Besides being a helpful tool for the AST and its members, the site is available to members of other support groups and organizations around the United States and the world. John estimated that the number of hits will probably exceed 150 per week. You may contact John through the WEB Site.

Confirmed Future Calendar Dates:

A. Camp Curtin Days at the National Civil War Museum: May 14 & 15
Need coverage for our two eight foot display & registration tables in the Rotunda.

B. John Garrity, Hand Writing Analyst and Lecturer: Wednesday, July 13
Handwriting analysis, the key to understanding personalities

C. Michael J. Barry, Low Vision Specialist, Tri-County Association for the Blind:
6:30 PM, Wednesday, September 14

D. Phantom Pain: AST will revisit PP Wednesday, November 2, Kathy Heisler, Cumberland Valley HS Psychology Teacher. Will include interactive involvement.

E. Peer Visitor Training Class: Saturday, June 25, 2005, 8 AM - 4 PM

F. 16th Annual ACA Educational Conference & Expo., August 11-13, 2005, Dallas, TX

AST Elections:
(Nominations July 13, Election September 14)

Directors whose three year term ends September 14
and are slated for re-election or replacement:

Ann Dennison; Mark Leonard; and Gary Reinhold

Nominations July 13: ____________________________________________________

Election September 14: Vote for three persons to the AST Board of Directors.

Standing for re-election are: Ann Dennison; Mark Leonard; and Gary Reinhold.

Nominated are: _________________________________________________________

Future Programs & Events:

A. Eastern Amputee Golf Association's "First Swing" Program: A one day golf clinic sometime in 2006: A half day for professionals (therapists, rehabilitation, prosthetists, etc.) and a half day for persons with disabilities. Will be held at HealthSouth and a nearby golf driving range. Will involve lessons, training, driving golf balls, friendly contests, prizes and food.

B. Returning again, Amputees Across America, arriving at HealthSouth. The AST was invited again to welcome the AAA, sometime this summer, date to be announced.

C. WITF-TV Membership Drive, sometime this coming Fall or Winter, date to be announced. Don Hossler will continue to work with WITF to make this happen.

D. Spouse / Caregiver Session being considered, to be similar to, and a combination of Peer Training and PALS. This has been suggested and requested by spouses, partners and caregivers, who feel there should be something for them, so they may be better prepared and/or trained to deal with a limb loss spouse, friend or relative. Georgie and Bob Foltz both suggested AST have such a session, if you want to be a part of Spouse / Caregiver Session, contact Georgie and Bob at: 717-834-5705 /

E. Scholarships: Director Tom O'Neil proposed the AST investigate what our organization can do in regard to presenting scholarships and develop a criteria for doing so.


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