June 2003

REVIEW of our last meeting: Meeting at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, May 7, our meeting was both interesting and educational. We thank both Gary Reinhold and Jerry Max, both of HANGER Prosthetics, for presenting The New High Tech C-leg with Computerized Inner Workings. We especially thank the following amputees for demonstrating their C-legs and telling their own personal amputation story:

Mark Leonard, Quintin Losinger, Michael Olmstead,
Jere Weingert of AgraAbility, John Williamson

They demonstrated both courage and a sense of humor in dealing with their particular experience of becoming an amputee and using their new C-leg.

AST is becoming officially organized: As many of you are aware, the Amputee Support Team is in the process of becoming incorporated as a non-profit support group. We are growing and need to incorporate to keep up with our growth. Because of this, our expenses are also growing, becoming too much for any one person to pay. If the AST takes contributions to cover expenses, it needs to be able to tell the contributor that they may use their contribution as a tax deductions. Once this long legal organizational process is over, and our attorney gives us the green light, the AST will be a non-profit organization.

One of our requirements is to establish a Board of Directors, and I thank all of you who completed the forms at our last meeting, expressing your desire to serve.

The following AST members are now listed on our Board of Directors: Richard Nickle; Elaine Shughart; Gary Reinhold; Chad Kettler; John Light; Leon Keene; Quintin Losinger; Rod Shields; and Mark Leonard.

Among some of our other requirements, is the establishment of goals* that support our mission statement, "So others may benefit from us:"

" To foster an active network of people that will benefit everyone to some degree, not only by providing moral support, but also through a service-oriented source of information and communication for all amputees and family members

" To present programs and resource information to update members about new materials and techniques in prosthetics, and to promote physical fitness and social interaction for a healthier lifestyle

" To provide peer visitors for new amputees in hospitals and rehab clinics

*AST thanks Ellen Fernandes, President of the Dallas Amputee Network, Dallas, Texas, for her insight and encouragement in the difficult process of organizing a support group.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 23 at HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg.

Our program is now confirmed for our July 23 meeting. The first half of the program features Service Dogs, also referred to as Assistance Dogs, Canine Companions, or Guide Dogs, which are used by the blind. Whatever their name, these are specially trained dogs used to work with people having special needs. Depending on what a persons needs are, these dogs are trained to work with there special needs.

Everyone will find this part of the program featuring specially trained dogs to be very interesting and educational.

The second half of the program is planned for a lot of fun and entertainment. Our own Rod Shields, RBK, will be performing with the Green Mountain Porch Pickers, of which Rod is a member. Rod said the Porch Pickers will play and sing what ever the audience wants: Blue Grass; Country; Rock and Roll, etc. So come ready to sing along if you want, or just sit back and enjoy the music.

There will be refreshments provided by HANGER Prosthetics and depending on the temperature, we may be outside under the overhang, or inside our usual meeting room. Bring your friends and relatives.

ACA Boston Conference: As your President of the Amputee Support Team, I will be attending the Amputee Coalition of America's 13th Educational Conference & Exposition in Boston over the July 4 Holiday and weekend. I am especially interested in attending the full day PEER TRAINING Session. I hope to bring back to our support group, more ways for us as a group, to reach out to pre-amputees, amputees, and their friends and family. I thank Gary Reinhold and HANGER for their assistance in making this trip to the conference possible.

Erin Ebersole: All of us associated with the Amputee Support Team congratulate Erin on getting her new C-leg. We all know Erin will do well, she related: "I'm still getting used to it, but I feel a BIG improvement."

More good news for Erin, Bob Buck, of the Eastern Amputee Golf Association, said Erin may qualify for up to four-thousand dollars towards her college expenses when she graduates next year from Elizabethtown High School.

Transportation: Our meetings have been well attended, but we know that there are people who would attend, but are not able because of transportation problems. If you know of an amputee that has transportation problems, and you cannot help, please let us know.

Program Ideas: Anyone having ideas for future programs or would like to help with our programs please let us know:

Richard Nickle, President at 258-6849, or E-mail at
Elaine Shughart, Vice-President at 243-7130, or at

WEB PAGE: Any day soon, we will be on the following web page: Go to and click on PEER GROUPS and select PA.


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